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Anthracite Cycle Service was created to provide a better outlet for motorcycle parts and service in the Wyoming Valley. Customer satisfaction is always the priority at ACS.

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What We Do

Expect factory trained technicians with decades of experience and state of the art equipment that take the time to properly service, repair or customize all kinds of motorcycles. Superior quality Lucas Oil Products are the STANDARD fluids for all services. Other fluids may be requested. Try ACS and see what superior parts and technicians can do for the performance and reliability of your motorcycle.

Scheduled Maintenance

We offer full services done with Lucas Oil products.

Tires and wheels

We offer plenty of tires from brands like Dunlop, Metlzer, Avon, Shinko and more. Always at internet pricing.

Engine Repair and Upgrades

From oil leaks and electrical diagnostics to big bore and cam upgrades, we have you covered.

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